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7 Chakras Sacred Geometry Sets c/w pouch (15~20mm)

This set contains 7 beautiful Crystals faceted into the Sacred Geometric shapes known as the "Platonic Solids". The platonic solids are the repeating geometric patterns that are the basic building blocks of life. 

Can be used for Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Meditation, Dream work, Ceremony, Energy Grid, Activations, Environmental Space Clearing, and Feng Shui.

Comes with:

1. Cube: Orange Aventurine

2. Icosahedron: Green Aventurine

3.Tetrahedron: Red Jasper

4. Octahedron : Yellow Aventurine

5. Sphere: Amethyst

6. Merkaba Star: Black Tourmaline

7. Dodecahedron: Lapi Lazuli

Please note that the crystals are natural and individually vary slightly in color and size. 

** c/w Velvet pouch