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Book - MASTER CLARICE CHAN’S GUIDE TO 2024 * in English

Are you curious about what the year of the Yang Wood Dragon holds for you?

=> Do you know if your zodiac is a clashing sign in 2024?
=> Do you wish to select an auspicious date to recommence your work or business during the Lunar Chinese New Year season for more positivity?

Find out more about:
* Performing your First Outing on Chinese New Day
* The Tai Shui and your Zodiac sign
* When to Bank in your money in Li-Chun Day
* Auspicious Dates and Direction
* Monthly Zodiac forecast in 2024
* Feng Shui and Remedies for 2024
* Tips of buy Properties

All these can be found in this latest publication: Master Clarice Chan’s Guide to 2024